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Name:a_shared_scene's Journal
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1. Welcome to a_shared_scene! This is where players are welcome to post scenes. Basically, scenes generally involve two characters and must be written in storybook style with proper grammar and punctuation and is generally done on AIM. These scenes are not to be read or commented on in-character! Posting a scene here is only for the players to enjoy out-of-character and to keep informed on plot points.

2. Literally any character can scene together! For example, if Fischer and Yusuf want to scene together, then it's a-ok. Any combination of characters is legitimate, as the possibilities of the Inception universe are endless!

3. If your scene is going to have any kind of dubious consent or issues that you feel are going to trouble people, please, please please put a warning on your entry. It doesn't have to be anything intricate, just please warn people that there are going to be tender issues discussed/scened in that post.

4. Make sure that when posting the scene, you designate whether or not the scene is in reality or in a dream.

5. All posts must be under an lj-cut, aside from the details about the scene or conversation at the top of the post. Don't know how to cut an entry? Go here to find out.

6. All posts must be friends-locked.

7. You may also post AIM conversations in the community, but please limit them to only the relevant parts of the conversation!

8. Also, players can set up threaded scenes on the actual community and players can join in in the comments.

9. Finally, have fun! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment on the ask-a-mod post here or shoot us a message on AIM at lhommedepointe, formersilhouette, or toobrittoquit.

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